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Extension Springs are designed to store and absorb energy, as well as create an acceptable resistance to a pulling force.  Initial tension is the determining factor of how tightly the spring is coiled.  This initial tension can be manipulated to achieve the proper load requirements for each of your applications using extension springs.  These springs are normally used to provide a return force to a components.  Some examples of uses include:


     •  Trampolines


     •  Garage Doors


     •  Medical devices


     •  ATV/Golf Carts


     •  Automotive Applications (doors, engines, compartments etc.)


     •  Residential Doors


     •  Small Engines


     •  Agricultural/Farm Machinery


Options for extension spring ends are numerous and can be customized for your extension spring needs.  From double twisted, full loop over center to Full loop size, we have the extension spring end to fit your needs.


Types of ends on our extension springs:








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