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Clean Spring Metal Stampings utilizes many of the latest technologies and precision metal stamping manufacturing concepts to focus on providing our customers with quality stampings.  We pride ourselves in our custom designed precision stampings. Our metal stampings are fabricated from a variety of metals including copper, brass, aluminum, nickel, steel and stainless steel.  Clean Spring currently serves the following industries:


     •  Automotive


     •  Residential/Home Hardware


     •  Electronics


     •  Medical


     •  Heavy/Construction Equipment



Value-added services  are numerous and can be utilized on most of our custom stamping products.  These services include cleaning and tumbling, plating, painting, powder coating etc..


Prototyping Whatever your prototyping needs are, Clean Spring has your solution.  We will assist you with:


     •  Competitive Pricing


     •  Quick Turnaround


     •  Accurate results


     •  Superior Service

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